Note for our patients

Endoscopic examinations and out-patient operations always involve a risk of injury. We as doctors are always aware of this. With the help of continuous and advanced training and a very high number of examinations we strive to minimize the risk of this side effect.

This is why all of the procedures we carry out at our practice - with or without general anaesthesia - require a consultation with the patient before the actual procedure
As a result of following this careful procedure, we have been able to minimize the number of undesirable side effects caused by the operations itself or by wrong conduct of the patient examined after the operation.
Thanks to the electronic patient monitoring system during the examination, with acoustic and optical alarms, quick response to every situation is ensured.

Our staff is trained in all emergency measures.
The technical equipment is checked and verified regularly, and tested for its functionality.

We regularly support the charitable organisation “STARK gegen KREBS e.V” (a cancer charity).

stark gegen krebs