Precaution and treatment

History of cancer diseases in the family, in the circle of friends and acquaintances, but also information in the media are the strongest forces which bring people to health care.
Remember that bowel cancer, in particular, can be prevented or detected early and treated due to its long-standing growth via preliminary stage of polyps (colonoscopy).

The legislative body provides the facility of conducting colonoscopy from the 50th (men) and 55th (women) year of age, and in risk cases with cancer histories in the family the precaution may also make sense at a younger age.

Symptoms such as belching, inexplicable stomach pains, changes in bowel movement patterns, tendency to flatulence and constipation, anal itch and anal bleeding can be clarified with different examination techniques: careful colonoscopy of the bowels, rectum and abdomen; inspection of the anal canal and haemorrhoids using special medical instruments. Ultrasound scan of the abdomen.

Early detection facilitates timely treatment

We regularly support the charitable organisation “STARK gegen KREBS e.V” (a cancer charity).

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